Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week 14 Prompt

 The decision to separate GBLTQ fiction and African American fiction from general collection to special place is difficult.  There are many factors that would need to be addressed including, shelving space, the size of the library, and the community.  I would choose not to separate the collection because it would place focus on two genres and leave out other subjects.  As it stands, the library collection is sorted into sections; nonfiction, mystery, science fiction, biography and general fiction.  The library would have to rethink how they would catalog and shelve all the books.  Other subjects may include, Christian fiction, other religious fiction, and multiple ethnic fiction. How do you differentiate one group over another to create a special place?  The library would need to decide if they want to establish a collection and organize it like a book store or a traditional library.  Shelf space is another issue.  The library would have to consider what space is available, while keeping in mind the need to expand a collection.  Providing special shelving for GBLTQ and African American fiction would create a situation of segregation.  It would be difficult to explain why specific subjects are featured by having their own space, while other subjects and genres are mixed with the general collection.

There are alternative ways to draw attention to GBLTQ and African American fiction without creating a special space and avoiding possible conflict with the community.  Books displays, bookmarks, and social media are great ways to feature special groups.  This would provide the opportunity to select multiple topics so everyone is represented.  Ebooks and e-audio books could be searched on the catalog for anyone searching for specific genre and subjects. Using alternative marketing strategies makes sense in promoting all that the library has to offer and guaranteeing everyone is represented.

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  1. Great response! I loved your closing line! You make some great points, if you start separating, where do you stop?!?