Friday, April 7, 2017

Libraries and YA graphic novels

How can librarians work to ensure that we are able to serve adults who enjoy YA or graphic novels?

Libraries have many tools to utilize when it comes to promoting their products and services.  Young Adult literature and graphic novels are just two types of materials that are popular with people of all ages and genre preferences.  Librarians could implement promotional materials such as book displays, create book marks, along with adding information on the library’s website, Facebook and Twitter.  Librarians who favor YA and graphic novels could have an “Ask Me” pin where they become openly available to discuss and recommend appropriate materials.  Adult book clubs and discussion groups could further propel YA and graphic novels to the interested public.  Graphic novels have a dedicated audience that follows both the published novels and movie and t.v. shows that they are based on.  This presents a great opportunity for a discussion group to meet and compare the novels to the t.v shows or movies.  Groups may also gather to create their own graphic novel or YA book whether in printed or electronic formats.  Librarians could have a passive display where library users could vote for favorite YA and/or graphic novel or they could write annotations and opinions to share with like-minded readers and be displayed on the library webpage or book display area.

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  1. Very thoughtful, insightful prompt response. I couldn't agree more! Full points!